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research assistant/lab technician for ancient DNA lab

par Sébastien Villotte - publié le

Dear All, I am looking to hire a full time another research assistant/lab technician for my ancient DNA lab/team.

This is a one year full time position at the same scale as the postdoctorate research fellowships (€38,000-40,000 including all benefits and before deductions) and this may be extended to another year.

The position will involve the following : 1. Dry lab clean room- work on bone optimisation and preparation of born samples for ancient DNA analysis 2. Wet lab work- extraction, library preparation, bioanalyser, qPCR, etc 3. Sequencing on Illumina NextSeq over her plus some basic bioinformatics (alignment, quality control, etc)/ 4. Experimentation with others in our team 5. Traveling for sampling (mainly Europe and Asia) 25% of the total time

Starting date : immediate or as soon as the position is filled.

Required qualifications : PhD in physical anthropology or forensic osteology with extensive knowledge in human osteology (and preferably also human anatomy)

Desirable : Knowledge in molecular genetics Bioinformatics Experience with Next Generation Sequencing

The position will involve a lot of lab work but also involvement in several publications, some of which will be in high impact journals.

I am looking for someone who is ideally coming from anthropology but is interested in acquiring skills and knowledge in ancient DNA, The person should be highly capable and motivated and someone who works really well in teams as this involves team work.

If you have someone who may be interested can you please get them to contact me right away and send their CV and cover letter ?

Please also circulate it around.

Many thanks.

Best wishes, Ron