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Rebecca Wragg Sykes joined the PACEA laboratory as a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellow in 2013, working with Dr Jean-Paul Raynal and Dr Marie-Helene Moncel of the MNHN. Her research specialism is in lithic (stone tool) analysis and Neanderthal archaeology. She’s interested in questions ranging from methods for lithic raw material sourcing to the evolution of territoriality and complex cognition expressed through material culture.

Her postdoctoral project TRACETERRE examined the prehistoric lithic raw material landscape in borders of the Massif Central and Ardeche, SE France. New fieldwork identified the location of an enormous silcrete (silcified sediment) open-air quarry and workshop site used through multiple periods in prehistory. By comparing this site to regional assemblages from Neanderthal caves through to post-glacial hunter-gatherer rockshelters, she examined how this stone was being used and moved around the landscape.

This research was published in 2017, as part of a special issue she also co-edited with Manuel Will on the global human use of silcrete.

She is currently an associate of PACEA, working on a popular book on Neanderthal archaeology, "Kindred", for Bloomsbury Sigma, which is due in 2018/19.

During her time at PACEA she co-founded TrowelBlazers, a community highlighting the role and contributions of women in the geosciences. Since then this work has developed through multiple collaborations, including her lead on the touring exhibition Raising Horizons and working with the World Heritage site of Avebury, National Trust.

She is passionate about sharing cutting edge research and the story of the Neanderthals, and writes for popular science outlets such as Scientific American, Aeon, The Guardian and BBC Focus, plus commissioned work for educational publisher Dorling Kindersley and heritage organisations.

She can be contacted via twitter @LeMoustier or

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Popular publications “Why archaeology needs to come out of the cave and into the digital age”. Guardian Science Blogs, Dec 2016

“Trowelblazers : women have been digging geoscienceslonger than you think”. Guardian Science Blogs, Nov 2016

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