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Pessac Collection of Human Skeletal Remains

par Frédéric Santos - publié le

Coordinator : Patrice Courtaud

The Pessac collection of human skeletal remains gathers together different sources of human osteo-archaeologial material from highly diverse chronological, geographical or cultural settings. This unique structure in France was opened in 1995 by the Aquitaine Archaeological Service, the French Ministry of Culture, the town of Pessac (owners of the facility) and the former anthropology laboratory.

Containing more than 300 collections ranging from single skeletons to the remains of 300 to 400 individuals from the same burial context, the Pessac collection of human skeletal remains is an indispensible infrastructure for the management of osteological material recovered from archaeological excavations.

The collection is accessible to the entire scientific community, particularly researchers and students interested in building samples for their research.

Anatomical elements from the different reference collections can be used to evaluated and quantify biological traits and compare them with those documented for fossil species. This material serves as a basis for more specialist study focused on the recognition of morphological, genetic, physiological and pathological characteristics of past populations.

The Pessac collection of human skeletal remains, spread over almost 800 m², comprises a conservation centre, two large work areas and a dedicated area for photography.


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