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Palaeogenetic Platform

by Frédéric Santos - published on

Since 2005, PACEA houses the first technological platform in the Aquitaine region dedicated to the study of past populations. With its technical setup, the laboratory can assure the reliability of palaeogenetic results.

Scientific coordinator: M.-F. Deguilloux Technical coordinator: M.-H. Pemonge

This platform, co-financed by the SHS Department of the CNRS, the Aquitaine Region, and the University of Bordeaux, comprises the structures and equipment necessary to ensure the reliability of ancient DNA that is particularly sensitive to external contamination.

  • A preparation and treatment facility for archaeological samples
  • A cleanroom with dedicated areas for DNA extraction, preparing PCR reagents, and PCR-DNA mixture.
  • A molecular biology laboratory for post-PCR stages (PCR, PCR verification, cloning) as well as the analysis of modern samples.


Deguilloux MF., Pemonge MH., Mendisco F., Thibon D., Cartron I., Castex D. (2014)
Ancient DNA and kinship analysis of human remains deposited in Merovingian necropolis sarcophagi (Jau Dignac et Loirac, France, 7th-8th century AD).
Journal of Archaeological Science 41, 399-405.