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Comparative anatomy collection

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Contact : Jean-Baptiste Mallye

PACEA’s comparative anatomy collection serves to determine fossil bones recovered from archaeological and paleontological sites and is accessible to the lab’s teaching staff, researchers and students as well as non-affiliated individuals who request access as part of a specific research project.

Started in the 1950s, the collection has grown thanks to new acquisitions and donations. Today it contains around 1500 species represented by single elements and teeth to complete skeletons. The collections is composed primarily of large mammals and birds accompanied to a lesser extent by small mammals, reptiles and amphibians. More detailed information concerning the species represented in the collection can be found below :

The goal of the collection is to document extant and past fauna in France, including overseas territories and departements. The lab is committed to extending the collection to complete partial specimens and add new species through collaborations with care facilities, wildlife parks, and taxidermists.

The bird and mammal specimens currently sought by PACEA can be found below :