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An R package with a graphical user interface dedicated to the mean measure of divergence (MMD).

English documentation

AnthropMMD (current version : 2.5.3) is an R package for calculating the mean measure of divergence through a graphical user interface. This package is documented in the following Technical note :

AnthropMMD requires R 3.4.0 or newer. An old beta version of AnthropMMD (with a graphical user interface coded in tcl/tk) is still available for R 3.3.3 or older, but should not be used anymore.

As for any other R package, a separate PDF documentation for AnthropMMD is also available on its CRAN page

Citation of AnthropMMD

The users of AnthropMMD who are willing to cite the package in a scientific article can find citation information by typing :


into the R console.

Example of "raw binary dataset"

Raw Binary Dataset
[.csv, 4 ko]

Example of "table of n’s and absolute frequencies"

Table Dataset
[.csv, < 1ko]

(For both files, commas "," are the field separators)